For (E‐trade) Customer, the user name only at (HC), it’s enough for login.

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Concluding the Contract & Opening the Account & Commissions
+? How could the account be opened
Customers Living in the A.R.E.

Enter the homepage of the website of the company (, select “Open a New Account” from the assistance menu, fill in the data and send it. The Customer Service will contact you within 24 hours to complete the account opening procedures, to fix a date then dispatch a Customer Service employee to sign the contracts at the headquarters of the customer.

Or Contact the Customer Service at (19942), where a date shall be fixed and the Customer Service employee shall be dispatched to the customer.

Living outside (Egypt) & Foreign customers 

Enter the homepage of the website of the company (, select “Open a New Account” from the assistance menu, fill in the data and send it. A copy of the contract shall be sent to the customer. A signature authentication must be obtained from any bank in which the customer has an account. A copy of the I.D card or the passport shall be enclosed.

After signing the contract and its enclosures and authenticating the signature, they shall be sent by express mail to the head office of the company at “Building no. B224-F15, Financial Area, Smart Village, KM 28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Rd., 6th of October, Postal Code: 12577 Egypt , P.O. Box : 13 “Smart Village”.

+ ? Are there any fees for opening the account
There are no fees for opening the account.
+ ? What is the period required to open the account
Within two working days at most from signing the contract the customer can receive the (Username and password) for login to his account in (HC) .
+? How long does it take for the deposited sum to appear on the system
After furnishing us by fax or e-mail with the receipt for the cash deposit with one of the following banks : (Crédit Agricole), (HSBC) and the (Arab African International) Bank, the Accounts Department shall confirm the foregoing via the online banking service and the activation will be carried out on the same day. However, if the deposit was with another bank, this will take two working days.
+? Who is the custodian with which the company deals
The company opens a custody account with (HC) Custodians.  
+? How can a complaint or a proposal be reported to the officials at the company
Enter the homepage of the website via the menu (Help) and open the “Complaints & Proposals” screen and write down your complaint or proposal which will reach the officials of the company and which will be answered within 24 hours or contact the hotline (19942).
Manner of Trading & Real-Time Screen
+ ? What are the trading methods
 Trading on the real-time screen by following up the prices and implementation (Mist Desktop).

• Trading online via the website by following up the prices and implementation (

• The possibility of trading via the (Android & iPhone) Operating Systems.

+? Is it possible to buy and sell in the same session (Same Day Trading) T+0
Yes, the same day trading is allowed for the shares specified or T+0 by the quantities permitted for sell in the same day.
+? What if the shares were not sold on the same day
If the shares are not sold on the same day, they shall be transferred to settlement (T+1).
+ ? How it is possible to follow up the instant prices of shares
The instant prices of shares could be followed up via the following :-

 The e-Trading website (Mist Streamer).

• The (Mist Desktop).

• Via the (Android & iPhone) Operating Systems.

Placing Order & Manner of Implementing Orders
+? What are the types of order that could be placed on the program or on the company’s website
There are three types of orders :-


• Sell

Same day sell (in case of same day trading T+0)

(T+1) Sell
+? What are the types of prices at which the order could be placed
There are three types of prices :-

• Limit price

 Market price

 Full balance

+ ? What is the validity period of the orders placed
There are three types of the validity period :-

 Valid for one day

• Valid until revoked

• Valid till a date

+ ? How could one confirm the orders placed
Once the order is placed a confirmation message appears, namely the following :-

“The order will be added (Do you want to continue?) and will provide you with the details of the order that is to be placed then it will ask you to press “accept” after which a confirmation message will appear by the number of the order.

+? Could the order be amended or canceled
Yes, any standing order could be amended or canceled (unless it was implemented).
+? Upon amending any order, does it take a new turn on the Stock-Exchange
Yes, upon amending any order, the amended order takes a new turn if the quantity is amended by increase.
+? What if the customer wants to place an order without having access to the Internet or if he does not have a computer
The customer calls the Customer Service at the hotline (19942) and the call with the customer is recorded after verifying his identity after which the order shall placed on the screen of the broker available at the company.
+? What happens if a breakdown occurs in the e-Trading system
If any breakdown occurs in the program or the website, the Customer Service is contacted at the hotline (19942). In such case, the call is recorded after which the order shall be placed on the screen of the broker available at the company.
Cash Deposit & Withdrawal
+? Can I deposit or withdraw cash from the company directly
This is not possible because cash transactions are carried out via the bank directly. There are no cash transactions at the company.
+? How to activate cash deposit request in my account at HC
There is more than one bank through with the customer could deposit cash in the account of the company according to his selection. The banks are (the Arab African International BankHSBC Bank, Crédit Agricole Bank, CIB Bank, National Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr) The Customer Service is notified of the deposit by way of sending the deposit slip or a copy of the bank transfer in addition to mentioning the customers’ code number at the company and the type of the cash account (001) margin purchase (002) or same day trading (003) to the fax of the company, to its e-mail address ( or via the online trading website by downloading the deposit slip and sending it or contacting the hotline (19942).
+? How to activate withdrawal request from my account at HC
There are two methods: -

1. In case of requesting the issuance of a cheque 

A crossed cheque is issued on the bank that the customer selects from among the following banks : (The Arab African International Bank,HSBC Bank, Crédit Agricole Bank the name of the customer, provided that the customer would receive it from the company or it could be sent by one of the company’s representatives to the residence of the customer this service is provided to (VIP) customers.

2. In case of bank transfer 

There must be differentiation between two issues : -

 If the bank transfer request is on (The Arab African International Bank) there are no transfer charges.

 If the bank transfer request is on any (Other Bank), this matter depends on the presence of balances sufficient to complete the withdrawal process : -

-  If there are balances, there are no transfer charges.

-  If there are no balances, the transfer is carried out from the settlement bank of the company (The Arab African International Bank), provided that the customer would bear the transfer charges.