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Privacy Policy

HC seeks the obtainment of some personal information pertaining to the customers so that it could provide the best services and capabilities via the website and the personal account of each customer.

With regards to such personal information, we hereby confirm the following to all customers :

 * That we will exert all our efforts to guarantee confidentiality and security upon your use of the website.

 * That we do not seek the collection of personal information from any customer except in special cases and by the consent of the customer to provide such data. Kindly note that it may be conditional in order to provide some services that such  information and data would be obtained from customers.

 * That we use the personal information of the customer only to develop the services of his personal account and to provide him with any additional information on the products, services and contents that are important to him.

 * Kindly contact the company if the client does not desire to receive any information or reports from the company. If you could not reach us on the phone, kindly address us at the E-mail address (

 * The company may keep a copy of the correspondences for internal use.

 * The information and phone calls that were collected are used to provide a register for communications between the customer and the company; together with the due diligent compliance with any legal and/or regulatory requirements in force.

 * The company shall not sell or use the personal information to any third party , however, in some cases we shall be entitled to use such information by virtue of the law.

 * We protect customer’s information and undertake to place them in a safe place on our website, accordingly, the matter requires a username and a password by the customer each time he needs to access his account’s information.

 * The customer is responsible for memorizing his password that he should not share with any other person.

 * All personal information of customers are encrypted and stored in a safe place to prevent their access by any unauthorized person.

 * A firewall is placed to prevent the access of any unauthorized person to the customer’s information.

 * An antivirus is placed to carefully check all information received by and exiting the system.

 * The e-trading website of the company provides links to other websites. The company is not responsible for private practices or the content of such websites.